Microgels for Water Shutoff

The latest generation of systems for water shutoff includes use of microgels which act as relative permeability modifiers. The polymer injected into the open interval invades the different layers surrounding the wellbore with a deeper invasion of the higher permeability layers, which are frequently the main water producing zones.  This type of product adsorbs on the formation rock almost irreversibly and induces a selective reduction of the relative permeability to water with respect to the relative permeability to oil or to gas.


Montagel BP 50 – Water Shut-Off

Montagel grades of crosslinked polyacrylamides are used for active treatments for water shutoff and sand control in offshore and onshore oil and gas fields. Montagel consists of colloidal particles of Acrylamide-based polymers crosslinked with organic covalent cross-linkers. Montagel is a good Relative Permeability Modifier agent. MONTAGEL BP 50 is classified as non-toxic and fully biodegradable.