Candidate Recognition

Recognition of candidates for production optimization operations will come naturally when thorough data analysis. They key to choosing the correct candidates for optimization is to examine data carefully, and use simple indicators to establish well performance, such as:

  • A ratio of the rate versus the pressure drawdown between the reservoir and the formation to provide an estimate skin effect due to formation damage;
  • Analysis of well flow logs and completion reports to identify any perforations which may not be producing as expected;
  • Reviewing lab reports of crude samples, and any produced deposits, to establish the cause of any blockages due to precipitates;
  • Production data analysis and formation evaluation to determine the source of any water breakthrough causing excess water production.

Well screening should also be based on the potential production increase and incremental economics. Therefore, when selecting candidates, information such as hydrocarbons in place, and an understanding of the complete reservoir is essential to establish whether candidates will have optimization potential.