Enhanced oil recovery in mature fields

Radial Jet Drilling was applied recently on an experimental basis to retrieve production from some locked up potential in reservoirs with low permeability and near well-bore formation damage, through enhanced exposure 4 pilot wells were successfully completed using radial jetting tool. Channels of approx. 50 mm OD with maximum length of 100 m in the reservoirs were created. The Radial Jetting equipment consists of standard coiled tubing equipment, and the Radial Jetting tool. For jetting into the formation, a deflector shoe is set at the desired depth and orientation for jetting, the casing or tubing is milled at this depth, and then the coiled tubing complete with the Radial Jetting tool is run in hole.The principal objective of this technique is to improve the production profile around the original wellbore by penetrating beyond the damaged skin zone and by accessing trapped pockets of hydrocarbons. Significant increase in production was observed in three out of four wells.

Suitable well candidates for radial drilling are mutually agreed between the operator and the radial drilling contractor, based principally upon the mechanical condition of the well and its production potential.