Onsite Treatment Execution Support

The final stage of the integrated approach to production optimization is the treatment execution. To ensure that the modelled and proposed treatment is carried out to the highest possible standard, a series of processes are required, including the following:

  • Generating detailed operational programmes so that each stage of the operations is clear;
  • Reviewing all risks and hazards involved for operational crew to be aware of;
  • QAQC of all additives onsite. This includes preparing and testing a smaller batch of the designed fluid system with the available onsite resources, e.g., using the same water as will be used in the operations;
  • Function testing of equipment to ensure the job requirements will be satisfied;
  • Ensuring good communication systems are employed during the treatment;
  • Sampling each stage during the treatment, which will indicate fluid is being mixed onsite correctly and there are not equipment issues;
  • Monitoring of key treatment parameters, such as rates and pressures, to be able to react to unforeseen circumstances during the treatment;
  • Job information gathering after the treatment, ensuring all data is available to be sent for evaluation.