Reservoir Simulation and Production Forecasting

For single well cases, results from simulated treatments (e.g. stimulation or hydraulic fracturing simulations), and application of empirical methods will allow for changes to be made to inflow performance curves to estimate incremental production increase. In full field cases, expected results from optimization treatments may be applied well by well, and the full field response, with consideration of any interactions between wells and reservoir layers, may be modelled. In each case (single well, or full field), reservoir simulation and production forecasting is necessary in order to realise the benefits from optimization.

Forecasts can be carried out for a number of years, depending on the asset owner’s objectives, and varying parameters during simulation, (sensitivity analysis), will allow for the optimum treatment scenario to be selected. Thus, the best treatment for each case can be put forward. Furthermore, this process can help to identify potential bottle necks in a production system, and even highlight further optimization opportunities in terms of flowlines and surface facilities, so that maximum production may be achieved.