Cement Design Execution and Evaluation Software

The ultimate yet most difficult goal of cementing operations is to provide zonal isolation by displacing drilling mud with cement slurries. Incomplete mud removal creates a poor cement seal and non-productive time (NPT). To ensure critical zonal isolation with mud removal optimization, we have cementing software including an enhanced version of  mud displacement model. The key enhancement of the software is the capability of displacement efficiency modeling.

Designed for land, offshore, conventional and/or foamed operations, the software uses advanced numerical methods to solve momentum and continuity equations on 3D grids and calculates the fluid concentration as well as displacement efficiency. It accounts for many factors that can affect the efficiency of a displacement job including fluid properties, pumping rates, casing standoff and complex wellbore geometry.


  • Displacement efficiency
  • 2D map of fluid concentration
  • Survey import from text or PDF® file
  • U-tube simulation
  • Offshore – fluid returns to sea floor
  • Forward or reverse circulation
  • ECD and pressure
  • P/T dependent density and rheology
  • 12 fluids, each with up to 40 stages
  • Circulating temperature
  • Foamed cementing
  • Displacement animation
  • Hook load
  • Job evaluation
  • Gas flow potential
  • Circulation sub
  • Eccentric annuli
  • Displacement fluid compressibility