Laboratory Services

In partnership with European Laboratory and Service company, DOSAS can provide laboratory engineering and testing services as below:

Compressive Strength

Fann instruments allow standard crush or non-destructive compressive-strength tests to be performed under simulated downhole pressure and temperature conditions.


Density is a measurement of fluid weight per unit of volume. Fann has instruments for the lab and field to make that measurement.

Fluid Loss Test

A fluid-loss test determines the relative effectiveness of a cement slurry to retain or lose its water phase. Controlling fluid loss is important in pumping the slurry to its final location.


Static Gel Strength

Chemical reactions occur within an oil well cement mixture as it becomes a solid.

 Thickening Time Tests

The thickening time of a slurry is calculated to determine the time required to mix and pump the slurry.





Ultrasonic Cement Testing

An ultrasonic compressive-strength test is used to help plan a cementing schedule for a well.


Viscosity is a measure of the resistance of a fluid which is being deformed by either shear stress or tensile stress, measured with viscometers and rheometers.