Lost circulation control materials

Lost-circulation control materials used to control loss of cement slurry to vugular or highly fractured formation by bridging and plugging thief zones.

Function: Lost circulation material

Application: No limit

Description: Light to black flakes.

Primary purpose: Mika is a flaky mineral and is crushed and sieved to be used as a Lost Circulation Material of various sizes. Use in cement slurries to prevent lost circulation at concentrations of up to 10% BWOC. Must be dry-blended into the cement.

Guidelines for use:

Mika coarse 2 – 4.75 mm. = 55 – 95 %

Mika medium 0.85 – 2 mm. = 45 – 65 %

Mika fine 0.2 – 0.85 mm. = 50 – 90 %

Function: Lost circulation material

Application: No limit

Description: Fiberglass fibers

Primary purpose: To regain lost circulation while cementing under all temperature conditions and all slurry densities. The fiber does not affect slurry formulations.

Guidelines for use: Can be used in concentrations ranging from 2 kg/m3 slurry up to 6 kg/m3 slurry. The fiber must be post-added to the cement slurry mixture. This can be applied directly in the mixing tub or batch mixer. Care must be taken to prevent the fiber to plug up surface equipment.

Function: Lost circulation material

Application: No limit

Description: Sand Seal

Primary purpose: Sand Seal Fine and Coarse

Effective in wide range of loss zones

Forms a light, strong seal under most conditions

Reduces lost rig time

Seals under high and low differential pressure

Guidelines for use: Sand Seal is available in two grinds:

Coarse is used to seal large fractures and highly permeable formations. This grind is a highy effective particulate lost circulation material which can be pumped easily through large jets or open watercourse bits.

Fine, where seepage losses are a problem. Fine is most effective in sealing fine fractures and porous formations. Due to its composition of fine fibers and granules, this grind of product is an ideal preventative material for these situations

Sand Seal is an engineered blend of particles which:

Contains high strength granules, flakes and fibers with a definite particle size distribution.

Seals effectively under both high and low differential pressure conditions.

Is equally effective in unconsolidated formations and fractures or vugs in hard formations.