Single Fluid Solution for Matrix Acidizing

The DO-STIM™ 700-AR Series is a new line of environmentally friendly acid replacement solutions for use in acidizing treatments, which have ultra-low corrosion to tubulars, and removes the need for multiple additives. Ultimately, this new and innovative single solution product range reduces operational complexity and footprint, while increasing production benefits seen after treatments.

The DO-STIM™ 700-A line of acidizing treatments are formulated such that they have a slower reaction rate than Hydrochloric Acid (HCl), and therefore able to reach further into the formation and achieve better worm holing effects and reach deeper penetration into the reservoir, and remove the risk of face dissolution. The chemistry of the fluid also means that is has ultra-low corrosion effects, reducing the risk of damage to casing, tubing, and other downhole components, and is significantly safer to transport and handle given its low fuming nature. It has superior crude compatibility, resulting in the significant decrease in post-treatment damage, and rarely needs additional additives (pending laboratory testing).

This is a single additive solution, and can arrive as a concentrate (to be diluted either by batch mixing, or on the fly) or in a ready to pump solution at concentrations up to 50%, depending on the intended application.

Features and Benefits

  • Single acidizing fluid solution which can be mixed on the fly to optimize performance
  • High thermal stability versions, up to 400°
  • Low risk of undesired emulsions and sludges
  • Minimum additional additives are required, reducing operational footprint and complexity
  • North Sea approved versions to comply with the strict environmental regulations
  • Versions with reduced halogens, or zero halogens, for use in sour gas wells
  • Versions which are safe to use with chrome and chrome plated downhole components.


  • Standalone fluid for acidizing or acid fracturing in carbonates and high calcite content sandstones
  • Applications as a spearhead to fracturing operations to decrease breakdown pressure
  • Suitable for onshore and offshore applications
  • Suitable for more aggressive removal of scale or mineral deposits is required
  • Can be easily applied in the field after further dilution with water for optimum performance
DO-STIM™ 701-A
High temperature Single Acidizing Solution Performance
DO-STIM™ 705-A and
Bench Testing HCl
Bench Testing versus HCl
Performance in
Oil Coated Scale versus HCl
Product Range

  • DO-STIM™ 701-AR – High temperature acid replacement system
  • DO-STIM™ 702-AR – Acid replacement system for chrome components
  • DO-STIM™ 703-AR – Halogen free for sour gas treatment
  • DO-STIM™ 704-AR – Chloride free North Sea approved acid replacement system
  • DO-STIM™ 705-AR – Low temperature acid replacement system
  • DO-STIM™ 706-AR – Fast reacting replacement system matching HCl reaction rates