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Our technologies can be utilized to access production opportunities or improve and optimize production in ordinairily difficult or challenging circomstances. DOSAS upstream oilfiled solutions are divided into the following categories:


DOSAS offer high performance cementing additives for achieving high quality zonal isolation, allowing for accurate reservoir
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Well Integrity

Well Integrity is the ultimate goal of well construction process. DOSAS's team has international ecprience in achiving zonal isolation
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DOSAS specializes in stimulation fluid system formulation for all types of stimulation operations, to remove or by-pass
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Production Chemicals

DOSAS Production Chemical division encompasses two areas - Flow assurance, focussing on maintaining asset
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DOSAS' services are specific to each division, where experts are continually working to achieve optimum results for our customers, whether through laboratory testing, subsurface and wellbore modelling, simulations, or an optimized supply chain.


Our integrated approach to optimizing stimulation treatments, from concept to execution, includes stimulation design, simulation, production and economics forecasts, and treatment programmes for execution. This approach allows for the most efficient treatment delivery. DOSAS’ portfolio offerings include hydraulic fracturing fluid additives, specialist conventional acidizing additives, and new unique environmentally responsible acid systems.

Flow Assurance

DOSAS utilise a full end-to-end workflow for a “Prevent + Cure” approach in the application of production chemicals. - We offer customized solutions based on specific reservoir and flowline conditions, developed thorough detailed and rigorous laboratory testing for Flow Assurance. - We offer an integrated service for Conformance Control issues, where the integration of engineering, laboratory testing, treatment design and execution is the key for optimum results.

Production Optimization

Fully integrated projects are delievered, from concept to execution, including all data gathering and QAQC, subsurface and wellbore modelling, specific treatment design, and production forecasting and economics, as well as supervision of field execution. This workflow is carried out by experts with extensive experience, with full collaboration between all parties involved for maximum results.