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New Product & Service Highlights

Versatile Spacer Concentrate System

DOSSPACER™ONE is a water-based spacer system used prior to cementing for primary, squeeze and remedial cementing operations. DOSSPACER™ONE ensures efficient displacement of drilling mud and provides adequate separation with uncontaminated cement slurry – for long-term well integrity and zonal isolation.
The benefits of Versatile Spacer when used in oilfield applications are extensive:

  • DOSSPACER™ONE hydrates rapidly which eliminates the need for pre-mixing and holding the fluid to allow time for the spacer to yield.

  • DOSSPACER™ONE can be designed to be pumped in turbulent or laminar flow for ultimate mud removal efficiency

Versatile Spacer Applications

Versatile Spacer Concentrate System can be used in many upstream operations:

  • DOSSPACER™ONE can be used with WBM as well as OBM and SBM with the choice of surfactant

  • Temperature range up to 150 degC BHCT