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A few words about us

Dutch Oilfield Supply and Services-DOSAS is a Netherlands based international company, providing a comprehensive portfolio of chemicals and technical engineering services to the oil and gas industry. Our precise, innovative and creative solutions add significant value to our customers’ operations, assets and development projects.
We manage complex supply chains to simplify market access to our products and services, providing the newest specialist chemicals and technology to our customers. DOSAS is committed to excellence in every aspect of our business to remain on top. To that end, we conduct all matters with the utmost degree of integrity and responsibility.

about us

What We Do

DOSAS support our customers optimise upstream oilfield operations, from the reservoir to the refinery by:

  • Connecting specialist chemicals and specific optimization technology to their end-users; including extensive technical laboratory support.

  • Carrying out detailed workflows for more complex production challenges, in order to develop tailor-made chemistry with the optimum efficiency.

  • Providing advanced consulting for production optimisation operations from concept to execution – technical guidance and support from initial data analysis to treatment design, treatment delivery and evaluation.

What we do

Our Team

Our staff of senior domain experts constitutes the backbone of the company. Their expertise covers a wide range of technical knowledge, including geoscience, stimulation, cementing, reservoir and production engineering.
They can offer support and quality technical advice in both technical and operational environments to ensure our clients’ optimization projects run smoothly. Our highly qualified team works tirelessly at the forefront of technology implementation, with unrivalled international experience, in-depth knowledge, and a strong innovation culture.

dosas team

Organisational Structure

DOSAS is led by an experienced board of directors, combining decades of expertise in the oil and gas sector. Under this management, there are the following distinct operating divisions, each lead by experienced technical experts:

  • Cementing: specialist chemicals and operation support services for placing and maintaining important well barriers.

  • Stimulation: specialist chemicals and technical support for optimisation of production from the reservoir.

  • Production Chemicals & Flow Assurance: for optimization of hydrocarbon production through tubulars and flowlines, to remove bottlenecks and maintain flowline integrity.

  • Technical Domain: fully integrated approach to identifying production optimization opportunities, modelling production incremental increase, and realising full production potential through employment of chemical and/or mechanical optimization solutions.

dosas structure

Our Vision

  • Enable our customers to optimise oilfield operations and processes, to excel in their business.

Our Mission

  • At DOSAS we are problem-solving, and solution-selling, working as an experienced and trusted advisor for our customers. We assist in fulfilling our customers’ needs for high-quality applications with an efficient, reliable, and always customer-first focus.

Our Strategies

  • DOSAS provide exceptional value to our customers through innovative technology and service, and continuous supply chain improvement.

  • We provide excellence in every aspect of our business to create opportunity, value, and growth for our supply partners, customers, and company.

  • Distributed leadership, placing experts within the market to understand the key challenges experienced by customers.

  • Providing a strong platform for our employees to show their excellence, commitment, honesty, trust, integrity, and ability to create value for society.

Our Values

  • Courtesy, honesty, integrity, respect, and responsibility, summarize how DOSAS employees behave vis-à-vis customers, partners and colleagues. These five values are the most visible expression of the company’s style and a key ingredient of its corporate identity.

Our Claim

  • Connect Chemistry to Well Integrity

Quality Policy

Dutch Oilfield Supply and Services B.V (DOSAS) provides Design, Development, Manufacturing & Distribution of specialty chemicals and Engineering Services to the energy sector. Our policy is to provide customers reliable services which meet their specific requirements and quality standards whilst ensuring our business activities and services are undertaken in a safe, ethical and environmentally responsible manner. We are fully committed to the delivery of this policy and in doing so maintain management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standard and processes to support this delivery. Our objectives are:

  • Deliver a quality service and product that meets our customers’ expectations

  • Promoting our company’s marketing development

  • Provide suitable training, instruction and information to all persons under our control to ensure they are fully informed, and they have the necessary competency/skills to perform their work in a safe manner and to standards expected by the customer

To ensure our system and process remain suitable, effective and comply with our commitment, we will:

  • Regularly review our management systems, our performance and our compliance to applicable legal and other requirements through planned and regular audits and management reviews

  • Review, and action where appropriate, feedback or communications received from our employees, customers and other interested parties in relation to quality matters

  • Continually improve our overall quality performance and management systems/processes, by setting, maintaining and reviewing objectives and targets.

  • Within all applicable legal requirements, and all other requirements

  • Promoting risk based thinking in company due to place preventive controls and use opportunities and minimizing negative effects in whole company and its processes.

This policy statement applies to Dutch Oilfield Supply and Services B.V. This policy statement is reviewed annually. It is available to employees from our company website. Copies are available to customers, contractors, the public and other interested parties upon request.

Quality (Certificates)

DOSAS future relies on a vision for long term development of our portfolio and solutions. Our strategic action depends on a continuous quality improvement and is wholly oriented to OUR CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION. This primary goal will be achieved through:

  • A PROACTIVE organization based on real time response and active engagement with our customer and able to deliver custom made application.

  • Continuous improvement of our FORMULATIONS and PROCESSES in order to distribute quality chemicals.

  • RESEARCH for new products and applications.

  • ACTIVE INVOLVEMENT in all the organizations implicated in the use of our products.

To ensure continued compliance with ISO9001:2015, DOSAS must also comply with all legal, statutory and regulatory requirements relevant to the nature of the business. To meet this requirement the company also implements an Environmental Management system, ISO14001:2015. Where it is found to be appropriate, these systems have been integrated to avoid duplication of processes and procedures. dosas certificate

dosas certificate

R&D and Innovation

Our innovation is delivered by our people. Through our product portfolio, we have access to the broadest range of formulation know-how, which allows our customers to get the best performance out of their products, satisfying end-user demands. We have teams, dedicated to a specific division to give our customers access to the expertise and knowledge that will develop and deliver the products that will deliver against their unmet needs. Our continued commitment to provide scientific data that supports the product benefit claims and not just information on product composition is what sets us apart.
We aim to be the partner of choice for our customers, potential customers, academia and technology developers to build new supply chains, evaluate disruptive technology and provide solutions to the market more quickly. Open innovation enables us to access world-class knowledge, expertise, facilities and equipment and in exchange give access to the specialist knowledge of our markets, formulation and product application to those we work with. If you would like to discuss potential Open Innovation activities with us, contact :

dosas RD