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Polymer Free Viscosity

Viscoelastic surfactants (VES) are a non-polymer solution for viscosifying oilfield fluid systems.Surfactants are added to brines at critical concentrations, where the hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules begin to aggregate and form micelles. The micellar structure becomes wormlike and entangled which increases the viscosity of the base fluid.

The benefits of VES fluids when used in oilfield applications are extensive:

  • Reduction in additives for a viscous fluid system.

  • Natural breaking mechanisms on contact with hydrocarbons.

  • Less damage to formation as is seen with polymer alternatives.

  • Versatile product for use in a wide range of oilfield production optimization operations.

VES Applications

Viscoelastic surfactants are a versatile fluid, and can be used in many upstream operations:

  • Hydraulic fracturing with proppants

  • Low and high rate of acidizing operations

  • Diversion stages in stimulation operations

  • Non-damaging viscous clean-up pills

  • Temporary water shut off operations

DOSAS VES Solutions

DOSAS VES solutions are versatile and applicable in a range of temperatures and salinities.

  • DOSVES™ 250 is a Mid-Temperature VES solution, based on a combination of cationic surfactants, for applications in environments up to 250 °F.

  • DOSVES™ 300 is a High-Temperature VES solution, based on a combination of zwitterionic surfactants for applications in environments up to 300 °F.