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OBM Surfactant

DOSSURF™ 10 Surfactant is an aqueous solution of strong water wetting surfactants.

  • DOSSURF™ 10 Surfactant has been developed as a component of the aqueous weighted spacer, specifically designed to reduce oil mud viscosity and dissolve/emulsify the oil fraction of mud residues

  • DOSSURF™ 10 Surfactant is used to ensure rheological compatibility between the oil-based, invert or synthetic-based mud and water-based spacers.

  • DOSSURF™ 10 Surfactant is recommended for use in spacer formulation to remove Oil based drilling fluids.

  • Typical concentrations are 1 to 5% by volume


Dosas Chemical Brochure Data Sheet
Dosas Chemical Regulatory Data Sheet
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