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Organic depositions can cause drastic reduction in production. Causes may be due to large changes in production characteristics, such as temperature and pressure. At the surface, deposits such as Paraffins are more common, given the drastic drop in temperature, especially in subsea surface flowlines: Paraffins are straight or branched, non-polar alkane chain, and have a high molecular weight. In addition to some already existing high-performance Paraffin removers and inhibitors, DOSAS offers an intensive workflow for addressing more complex challenges. In this workflow, we identify the causes of precipitation, and the most appropriate chemicals and blends for removal and long-term inhibition methods. Laboratory testing is carried out using the most modern equipment and technology.

Benefits of DOSAS Surface Flowline Deposition Solutions

  • Insights provided to causes of deposition, to alter (if possible) production environment and reduce precipitation of paraffin deposits

  • Tailor-made inhibition and removal products, specific to each crude type and composition

  • Optimisd supply chain process for one-off or continual product supply

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