DOSAS is a Netherlands based international company, managing complex supply chains for chemical manufacturers and technology providers, and their consumers, by simplifying market access to products and services. Our comprehensive portfolio of chemicals and technical consulting services provides precise, innovative and creative solutions to suit our customers’ specific needs in the oil and gas industry, and adds significant value to their assets and development projects.
DOSAS are committed to excellence in every aspect of our business to remain on top. To that end, we conduct all matters with the utmost degree of integrity and responsibility.

What We Do

DOSAS key goal is production optimization for our clients’ current asset development projects, and our team works tirelessly to support our customers and our principals with tailor-made distribution solutions with this goal in mind. DOSAS:

  • Connects specialist chemical and specific optimization technology manufacturers with their users in a value-adding partnership, including extensive technical support, from concept to execution
  • Offers advanced consulting capabilities in single well and full field production optimization opportunities, adopting a fully integrated production enhancement approach – technical guidance and support from initial data analysis, to optimization treatment design, through to treatment delivery and evaluation.

Our Team

Our stuff of senior domain experts constitutes the backbone of the company. Their expertise covers a wide range technical domains, including geoscience, stimulation, cementing, drilling, and reservoir and production engineering. They can offer support and quality technical advice in both technical and operational environments to ensure our clients’ optimization projects run smoothly. Our highly-qualified team has unrivaled international experience, in depth knowledge and a strong innovation culture, and work tirelessly at the forefront of technologies implementation.

Organisational Structure

DOSAS is led by an experienced board of directors, combining decades of expertise in the oil and gas sector. Under this management, there are three distinct operating divisions; chemical solutions supply, technology supply, and technical support services.

  • Chemical solutions supply – encompasses cementing, drilling, and production optimization domains, and leading each is an experienced technical expert. We actively promote our principals’ products and work to solve our customers’ oilfield challenges by providing customized solutions.
  • Technology supply – focusing on the provision of innovative solutions out with the chemical domain, our experts work to understand mechanical and operational optimization opportunities.
  • Technical support services – fully integrated approach to identifying production optimization opportunities, modelling production incremental increase, and realising full production potential through employment of chemical and mechanical optimization solutions.