Remediation Solutions for Flow Assurance

Scale dissolvent

The two most common oilfield scales are calcium carbonate and barium sulphate. Other scales include calcium sulphate, strontium sulphate, iron sulphide and iron (II) [...]

Paraffin dispersants

Paraffin is a family of saturated high molecular weight hydrocarbons, and because paraffin deposition occurs in cooler temperatures, they are most commonly found in surface [...]

Asphaltene dispersants

MontaneTM 80 SimulsolTM SL 826 For precipitation in the wellbore, mechanical methods, such as rod and wireline scrapers, can be used to remove Asphaltene deposits. Although [...]

Formation Damage Solutions

Reservoir damage occurs from the moment fluids are injected into reservoirs. Different types of drilling and completion fluids invading the formation can cause a change in [...]

Water Shut off technology

MontagelTM BP 50 Chemical methods to reduce water production include gel polymer systems, which have a penetration property greater both mechanical methods and cement [...]