Consulting Services

Onsite Treatment Execution Support

The final stage of the integrated approach to production optimization is the treatment execution. To ensure that the modelled and proposed treatment is carried out to the [...]

Laboratory Consulting

Laboratory testing is a key part of designing any treatment for not only production optimization operations, but cementing, drilling, well intervention, and EOR flooding [...]

Water Shut Off Treatment Design

Several mechanical and chemical methods are available for water shut-off treatments in the hydrocarbon wells. Various chemicals have been used as blocking and diverting [...]

Acidizing Treatment Design

Stimulation treatments are aimed to enhance and maximize production from the well by creating new flow channels or removing the formation damage near wellbore area and [...]

Full Field Modelling

In full field modelling, the best approach is to understand the macroscopic behaviour of the field, and then drill down to reservoir level behaviour, before identifying [...]

Single Well Modelling

Reservoir modelling for a single well does not have to be complex, although a thorough understanding of the system is required. A single well can be modelled through analysis [...]
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