About us

DOSAS is a global oilfield supplier, and distributor of chemicals. We are providing cost-effective supply chain solutions. The company is based in the Netherlands and has positioned to take full advantage of its synergistic assets and experience by dedicating resources to continuously diversify our product portfolio to meet the needs of the ever-evolving industries we serve.

DOSAS committed to the growth and success of our principals, our customers, and our own company by offering creative solutions and the highest level of service to our customers. We actively promote our principals’ products, excel at introducing new technology, and work to solve customers’ formulating and supply challenges by provide them the Custom-tailored solutions.

Our expert engineers are continually pushing the boundaries of advanced solutions–innovating to ensure our customers are on the cutting edge in their respective markets and to solve our customers’ most complex technical challenges Our Materion team works tirelessly to serve our customers, staying at the forefront of technologies essential to their success. We form deep bonds with our customers by helping them conceive and design technical and performance advantages.

Helping our customers win with Expertise, Excellence and Service.