Supply of premium grade Industrial adsorbents used in catalyst bed support, Thermal swing and Pressure swing Adsorption fixed bed processes for Steam drying, purification and Bulk Separation applications in various hydrocarbons.
DOSAS’ supply Adsorbents and Inert supports as bellow:

• Molecular Sieves
• Silica gel/ Activated Alumina
• Activated Carbon
• ION Exchange Resins / Membrane
• High Alumina Balls
• Ceramic Balls
• Carbon Molecular Sieves
• Zealots


Further to our portfolio, DOSAS’ offering from Approval Petrochemical plants Licensor or major catalyst manufacturing companies in Europe, US and Asia include:

• Hydrogenation of Pyrolysis Gasoline
• Production of Terephthalic Acid (PTA)
• Aromatics and Derivatives
• Conversion of Methanol to Propylene – MTPROP
• Ethylene Dichloride (EDC)
• Ethylene oxide (HA / HS )
• FCC Off-Gas Treatment
• Linear Alkyl Benzenes (LAB)
• Acetylene Hydrogenation
• Primary Reforming
• Secondary Reforming
• Methanol Synthesis
• Aromatics production and Purification